We the People Liberty Celebration

Transforming America through Liberty Celebrations One Heart at a Time

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What does the We the People Liberty Celebration look like?

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell are these words:

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”



So that throughout all the land (culture) all the inhabitants (We the People) in every generation can hear and freely follow the true proclamation road in the pursuit of our Liberty Destination. So how do We the People do that? Through Liberty Celebrations. In the Spirit of 1776, the Spirit of Liberty, The We the People Liberty Celebration is designed to create a 24-7-365 days a year Proclamation of Liberty.


The Proclamation

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Memorial Day – July 4

A month-long
Liberty Celebration
where We the People
turn everything
red, white and blue
in celebration of our Liberty.

American Family Reunion

July 1-4

A four-day
Liberty Celebration
where Americans everywhere
reunite in celebration of Liberty
at city, county, state & national levels.

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Waco, TX 76710
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In the Spirit of Liberty - the Spirit of 1776 the We the People Liberty Celebration is about cultural transformation through liberty celebrations.