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Countdown to July 4th

What does The We the People Liberty Celebration look like?

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell are these words: 

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

Lev. XXV X

How do We the People do that? Through year-round Liberty Celebrations. In the Spirit of 1776, the Spirit of Liberty.


​The We the People Liberty Celebration:  


  • FREEDOM SEASON from Memorial Day to July 4.          A holiday season declaration by We the People as we celebrate the spirit of liberty. By decorating our houses, cars, neighborhoods, offices, streets, parks, and cities in red, white and blue. By celebrating FREEDOM SEASON activities in our civic, commerce, church, social, recreational, associations, all other organizations and affiliations, media, education, entertainment and the arts.

  • The American Family Reunion Proclamation                The four-day family reunion theme for our American family July 1-4. With its reunion theme inspiration filling our Independence Day celebration. July 4. A four-day Liberty Festival emphasis celebrating the origins, heritage and liberty of our City, County, State, Nation(s).                      

  • American Heritage Calendar [The Daily Celebration]           

The We The People Liberty Celebration


Celebrating Liberty All Year Long

 20 months May 2023-December 2024

Love Liberty. Love the


The Liberty Lovers Calendar That Loves You Back!

Each month celebrating an inspirational liberty truth.  

Including original graphics illustrating these truths.

Tells the story of our origins, our heritage, our liberty.

Added value of extra liberty loving info bonus pages.

A keeper as a reference guide on your liberty journey.


Memorial Day – July 4

The We The People Liberty Celebration
Monthly e-Newsletter

Memorial Day- July 4

American Family Reunion

July 1-4

Monthly e-Newsletter



Liberty Celebration

where We the People

turn everything-

red, white and blue

in celebration of our Liberty.

A four-day
Liberty Celebration
when Americans everywhere
reunite in celebration of Liberty.
At city, county, state, national levels.

July 1 City Celebration

July 2 County Celebration

July 3 State Celebration

July 4 Nation(s) Celebration

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