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Dr. Don Bebee, Founder
The We the People Liberty Celebration


Hello, We the People!


Born and raised in Austin, Texas I have enjoyed living in Texas all my life. As a husband, father of 3 and grandfather of 12, faith, family and freedom clearly define the purpose for how I daily live life. What do I mean? For me, life is less  about how much we accomplish in this life. But more about how we treat one another along life's journey.


Therefore, the Why? Why The We the People Liberty Celebration?

I was blessed to grow up with my family in what has been called the “Greatest Generation.” I realized we are responsible to retain that quality of life for our grandchildren. Giving them the same opportunity to enjoy their families in the same liberty and freedom of past generations. How then would we shape our legacy for future generations? What could we do now to make future generations a legacy of liberty?


In visiting with others who had similar thoughts, we asked the question of what we could do to reunite our community around the principles of liberty.  We reasoned since competition divides and celebration unites, even with all our differences and opinions, our community could agree to reunite in the Spirit of Liberty celebration on July 4th.


Remembering many families have family reunions around July 4th, and often have a family reunion theme, then why not come up with a theme for our celebration on July 4th?


Out of those discussions came The American Family Reunion Proclamation and FREEDOM SEASON. Like celebrating Christmas season in the fall, thus began The We The People Liberty Celebration AMERICAN FAMILY REUNION PROCLAMATION with FREEDOM SEASON in the summer. 


The We the People Liberty Celebration is about We the People reuniting locally, nationally, internationally. In the spirit of liberty celebration. Daily, during

FREEDOM SEASON. Then for the July 1st-4th American Family Reunion. With four days of Liberty Celebration.  As We the People, our American family reunite through liberty celebration. Leaving the legacy of liberty for future generations.


Inscribed on the Liberty Bell are these words:

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”


George Washington, first President of The United States of America said:

“Raise up a standard by which the wise and honest can repair,  

the rest is in the hands of God.” 


The We the People Liberty Celebration standard is to raise up the Spirit of 1776 in the Spirit of Liberty to perpetuate The We the People Liberty Celebration forward to future generations in perpetuity. 


Dr. Don Bebee

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