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The We The People Liberty Celebration


Celebrating Liberty All Year Long

 20 months May 2023-December 2024

Love Liberty. Love the


The Liberty Lovers Calendar That Loves You Back!

Each month celebrating an inspirational liberty truth.  

Including original graphics illustrating these truths.

Tells the story of our origins, our heritage, our liberty.

Added value of extra liberty loving info bonus pages.

A keeper as a reference guide on your liberty journey.

The We the People Liberty Celebration 


 The Liberty Lovers Calendar That Loves You Back!


The theme is 


The We the People Liberty Celebration American Heritage Calendar

enlightens We the People as we unite in these liberty celebrations in the same spirit of 1776, the spirit of liberty.

Each month features: 


  • Beautifully designed artwork, Uniquely, inspiring, educational, patriotic 

  • Creative graphics, scripts, definitions, original content.

  • Uniting inclusive theme for the We The People Liberty Celebrations.  

  • Stated portion of the Declaration of Independence with an explanation

  • Quotes of America’s Founding Fathers or another true American patriot.

  • Warms hearts thrills souls in recognition of truth, justice, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence,                                   the Constitution, The Pledge of Allegiance and our National Motto.

  • Uplifts hearts with appreciation of the identity of our origins, legacy of our heritage, purpose of our liberty destination.

  • With spiral binding the pages are easily turned and lay flat.

  • Bonus value of the continuing usefulness beyond year end as an encouraging reference tool of liberty.  

  • Potentially the most enduring practical possessions on the wall and or on the table.                                                                                                                                        

  As Paul Bunyan that great American folk hero said: 

"If that don’t light your fire your wood’s wet!”

Today is the day. Now is the time.

Love Lighting the liberty celebration fire!    












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