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In the Spirit of Liberty - the Spirit of 1776

the We the People Liberty Celebration is about cultural transformation through liberty celebrations.



Celebrating PATRIOTISM NOW in the spirit of 1776, the spirit of liberty.


So, what is PATRIOTISM NOW all about?


PATRIOTISM NOW is about true patriots in every generation being principled people of virtue who accept our duty to keep true PATRIOTISM defined, recognized NOW in our generation by the true patriotism of 1776. Why? So, We the People can be like, synonymous to the true patriotism of our Founding Fathers who gave us our original American family heritage that birthed our Nation in Liberty. PATRIOTISM NOW is about being patriots synonymous to our Founding Fathers.




The origin of the word Patriot is from the Greek word meaning Father. Synonymous means being like someone or something. This is about identity, character, integrity. In a word, virtue. George Washington said: “Raise up a standard to which the wise and honest can repair, the rest is in the hands of God.” Our Founding Fathers in Philadelphia in 1776 had their differing opinions. However, they united in consensus and unanimously agreed on the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is a written expression resulting from the virtue of our Founding Fathers true patriotism.




In the Spirit of 1776, from the Declaration of Independence PATRIOTISM NOW has assimilated 13 words forming the acrostic PATRIOTISM NOW. As there were 13 original colonies, there are 13 letters in the words PATRIOTISM NOW. The principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence reflect the character traits, virtues of our Founding Fathers. The acrostic PATRIOTISM NOW is to be a standard of true patriotism for each generation. The true patriotism of our Founding Fathers? Being virtuous men of principled character and integrity, leading by example in word and deed, our Founding Fathers gave us the legacy of our Constitutional Republic as the roadway to our liberty destination. We can be virtuous patriots synonymous with our Founding Fathers as we identify with the heritage of our American family by raising up this same standard now and thereby secure the passage of this same legacy on to future generations.




How do we do we perpetuate our American family legacy of liberty to future generations? The objective of the We the People Liberty Celebration family is simple. As servant leaders wherever we are we responsibly encourage and enlist others to participate with us in this We the People Liberty Celebration family duty of making our We the People Liberty Celebration the defining 24/7/365 standard tradition of true liberty and patriotism for now and future generations. The tools of the We the People Liberty Celebration to be used in accomplishing this are the Daily tool of the American Heritage Calendar (365 Days); the Seasonal tool of FREEDOM SEASON (Memorial Day - July 4th); the National tool the American Family Reunion, July 1 - 4 City, County, State, Nation(s); and the acrostic tool of PATRIOTISM NOW. We the People of the United States of America can do this. Let’s Roll!


We the People Liberty Celebration

Transforming America Through Liberty Celebrations

One Heart at a Time

In God We Trust